Garden (Introductory) Reboot Cleanse

A gentle cleanse with a wide variety of flavours & nutrients – a balanced combination of nutrient-packed greens & energising fruit juices, a morning ginger shot plus a late morning or breakfast smoothie to help with those hunger pangs. This is a nice introduction to cleansing, with some sweet & simple additions of a breakfast smoothie (or smoothie of your choice) and hydrating blends.

Per day:
1 x 330ml One Love Breakfast Smoothie (or smoothie of your choice)
1 x 500ml Thrive
1 x 500ml Energise
1 x 500ml Glow
1 x 500ml Balance
1 x 330ml Charcoal Lemonade
1 x 30ml Ginger Shot

All our packages come with an instruction manual, with detailed advice on eating leading up to the cleanse and how to re-introduce food in the most practical and supportive way possible.

All our cleanses are: Fresh, Made-to-order, Cold-Pressed which is a perishable product. Please start the cleanse the day you receive them, especially for 3 day cleanses -  Shelf Life 3 Days.

Keep refrigerated as soon as you receive them Juices separate so give them a good shake before drinking.  Please see juice guide and FAQ for further information.