Our Cafe

Our Cafe in Hale


Open 7 Days a week from 8am until 4:30pm, The Garden is Hale's health food cafe and juicery. Established in 2014 by best friends Kate and Amy, The Garden serves wholesome, nutritious, home cooked food and cold pressed juices. We take great care in designing a menu which is both innovative and nutritionally balanced and always work from a plant base.

We believe a plant based diet is both best for health and for the planet which is why our menu is largely plant based with the option to add dairy, meat or fish. We work closely with local suppliers and love to support local businesses to help champion sustainability and reduce impact on the environment. Our ‘Love Your Mother’ sustainability campaign is designed to keep us accountable for sustainable business practices and we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Values

Health: Food is Medicine
Our purpose is to bring you the healthiest, most nutritious food available with each season. Our recipes change regularly depending on what is available from the farms at each time of year but we always have your health and wellbeing and our environmental impact at the forefront of our mind when creating our dishes.

Freshness: Freshly Foraged Goodness
With a focus on freshly foraged, raw, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients, all of our food and cold pressed juice recipes are made from scratch every single day!

Local, Organic and Sustainable Policies
We LOVE supporting our local independent businesses and take great pride in sourcing the highest quality produce as locally as possible. Whilst we believe organic food is best for our health, it does not always support our efforts to promote sustainability within business as well as providing you with a consistent, high quality menu. We therefore source our produce organically where possible and as long as our wonderful earth doesn’t pay the price for those efforts. We spend a great deal of time researching where the food you eat with us has come from and make carefully calculated decisions about where to source our produce. 

Educate: It's what we do
The Garden Eatery is not just a vibrant day-time cafe, it is a holistic wellbeing hub. We run monthly events designed to enhance day to day living and seasonal supper clubs with guest speakers to bring you the latest health advice straight from the experts. We are also working on our online shop - coming soon - and will be adding cookery courses to our repertoire of conscious events in the not too distant future. Click here to see our upcoming events.
As always it’s a pleasure to serve you, and we hope you enjoy your visit with us!