Micro Juice Cleanse

If you are new to juicing or a full day cleanse feels a little too intense, the micro cleanse could be for you!

The micro cleanse offers 3x 500ml cold pressed juices per day and can be consumed in place of 2 meals or alongside a lighter breakfast and lunch. Bursting with nutrition, this cleanse is often used as an insurance policy to provide additional vitamins, minerals and live enzymes that might not always be present in your usual meal choices. Included in a 1 day micro cleanse is our 30ml Ginger shot – a guaranteed afternoon pick me up or great way to get the day going.

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Feel free to exchange the ginger shot and specify the juices you would like - simply add in your notes during checkout, or swap out the cold pressed juices for one of our plant based smoothies.

Typical juices included in the micro cleanse each day:

1 x 500ml Thrive (Pineapple – Apple – Carrot – Ginger – Turmeric – Lucuma)
1 x 500ml Energise (Apple – Cucumber – Kale – Spinach – Parsley – Coriander)
1 x 500ml Glow (Beetroot – Carrot – Cucumber – Lemon)
1 x 30ml Ginger Shot (Ginger - Apple)