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Passionate chai specialists using small-batch blending techniques for authentic, Ayurvedic chai latte that tastes and feels as good as it looks! You won’t find syrups, powders or concentrates here. We only use whole spices and traditional black tea, carefully blended in the traditional way. You won’t find added sugars or preservatives in our chai latte blends. Just fragrant, full-bodied flavour and plenty of health benefits!

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Aura Chai Delivery

We send our packages via Royal Mail 48 or DPD – so we expect them to be with you between 1-3 working days after your order date if you are in the UK (mainland).

Please note Aura Chai is sent out from a different location to our cold pressed juices and smoothies.

For overseas orders please allow 10 working days before getting in touch, as postal services can take some time.

If you haven’t received your package after this time, please let us know and we will investigate and let you know the estimated timescale.

Why is Aura Chai different? What's so special about your blends?

Aura Chai was created to fill a niche in the market after we noticed there was a severe lack of authentic chai latte blends here in the UK. The best way for us to explain the difference is to compare real chai latte to powdered chai (and other alternatives like syrups and concentrates) in the same way you’d compare freshly ground beans to instant coffee. When you make chai instant, it loses its delicate balance of delicious flavours and health benefits.

Aura Chai is a whole spice, all-natural recipe derived from traditional, authentic Ayurvedic blends from India. It is free from chemicals or preservatives and sugar. Whole spices provide a warm, spicy, delicious flavour – they also stay fresh longer without preservatives. The health benefits of each spice also remain fully effective when it is prepared in this way!

What's the best milk to use for Aura Chai?

We recommend using a creamy plant-based alternative (barista-quality mylks are best). We love coconut, oat, soy and macadamia milk with our chai! If you prefer you can use whole cow’s milk.

Does chai latte have coffee in it?

This is one of our most popular FAQs. Yes the name is misleading/confusing, as many people associate the word ‘latte’ with coffee. But no, there’s no coffee in our chai blends. They are delicious made into dirty chai lattes though – simply add a shot of your favourite coffee!