Go Green or Go Home! The Benefits of Drinking Green Juice

Go Green or Go Home! The Benefits of Drinking Green Juice

Green juices are the elixir of the gods, the fountain of youth and the essence of plant life distilled into a delicious drinkable form. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your energy levels, or get clear skin, there are many benefits of drinking green juice for a healthier, greener lifestyle!  

What is green juice?

It is simply freshly pressed organic vegetable juice made from leafy greens like kale, celery or spinach with a 30 / 40% mixture of fruit blended in. The dark leafy greens pack the most nutritional punch for your pound; it's why Popeye always drank his spinach! 

Kale contains the highest amount of the antioxidant Beta Carotene which helps fight diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Spinach has the most easily absorbed calcium out of any food (more than milk!) which is great for building strong bones, whereas celery and cucumber are over 90% water and perfect for keeping you hydrated! 

Why drink cold pressed green juice?

Green veggies are naturally pretty bitter, but when you wash them down with some water or lemonade... POW! It'll wake up your taste buds like cold coffee on a hot day. 

The cold-pressing process of green juices keeps enzymes (nature's anti-inflammatories) intact so that it will keep your digestive system in tip top shape. This makes them the perfect source of natural energy for the young urban professional or gym bunny, and doesn't require much effort either - just grab a bottle and go! 

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking green juice.

Bioavailable nutrition

One of the biggest reasons why you should be drinking green juice is  nutrient bioavailability. What do we mean by this? Well, unlike synthetic multivitamins cooked up in a laboratory, green juices contain natural minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium and potassium. These are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing you to reap the benefits straight away, rather than taking the time to process chewed vegetables in one sitting. 

Boosts immunity

Green juices contain powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C to boost your immune system against the bacteria and viruses that make you sick. If you're starting to feel the flu coming on, then drinking green juice every day is the best way to replenish the vital nutrients your immune system craves. However, remember to always keep yourself healthy by eating right and exercising regularly! 

Alkalising power 

Our bodies go to great lengths in order to survive and that includes maintaining the right level of PH, usually between 7.35 and 7.45. It can’t be too acidic, nor too alkaline. But if you consume too much alcohol for example, this throws your PH levels off balance and can cause a number of issues, from fatigue and low blood sugar to stiff joints and digestive problems. 

So, be sure to drink your greens and discover the amazing alkalizing effects green juice has to offer due to their high mineral and low sugar content. 

Green juice removes toxins

Where there is smoke, there is fire... Or in this case, where there are toxins, there's a green juice recipe that will cleanse them right up! As we eat more processed foods, our body's coping mechanisms become overwhelmed. 

Subsequently, the liver accumulates an excessive amount of waste material which eventually stagnates, creating a breeding ground for parasites in the process. Therefore, a daily intake of green juice helps fight against all the toxins you're exposed to on a daily basis and keeps vital organs functioning. 

Good for the skin 

Be beautiful inside and out with green juices! Since it's packed with all the vitamins you need for glowing skin, there's no need to spend thousands on facial products when the answer is already in your refrigerator. In other words, when the body is flooded with the nutrients it needs to function, the outcome is a smooth and healthy complexion that can help minimise the signs of aging and leave you with a more youthful appearance.

Energy all-day, everyday 

There’s nothing better than a fresh glass of green juice to kick-start the day! So many of us grab a coffee or sugary snack to wake us up, especially in the morning when we feel the most tired. However, these aren’t the cure to long-lasting energy. Green juices are the ideal replacement for an instant lift with the added bonus of energy boosting nutrients to support optimal oxygen usage and increase stamina. 

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