Green (Advanced) Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Our deepest and greenest cleanse, to help fully support our body’s natural detoxification pathways. This is our LOWEST FRUIT CLEANSE and is packed with the highest density of nutrients to really kick start detoxification. Go Green or Go Home! With a Beetroot based juice added in the middle to mix things up

Choose this if:

  • You want minimal sugar/an anti-candida cleanse,
  • You have cleansed before & Love your green juice goodness,
  • You are looking for maximum results,
  • Reduce bloating and improve your energy levels;
  • Improve your eye and skin health (as well as boosting immunity).

All our cleanses are: Fresh, Made-to-order, Raw, Nutritionist designed, Unpasteurised Cold-Pressed which is a perishable product. Please start the cleanse the day you receive them, especially for 3 day cleanses -  Shelf Life 3 Days.


An ideal way to kick bad-habits and start a healthier lifestyle.

Per day of your cleanse:
1 x 60ml Ginger Shot
1 x 500ml Celery Juice
2 x 500ml Alkalise
1 x 500ml Energise
1 x 500ml Glow
1 x 60ml Liver flush Beetroot Shot
I am well tonic (your tea/coffee replacement)

Feel free to swap out a juice for a plant based smoothie or activated charcoal lemonade - Simply add some additional notes during checkout or get in touch with us via email.
Don't worry if you're new to cleansing or a juicing pro! We provide a cleanse guide and here to offer support before, during and after your cleanse. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience, so we're happy to modify ingredients and packages for your health or taste preference - just get in touch or add notes during checkout.

Garden Green (Advanced) Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse: 660kcal per day

Ginger Shot: 60% Ginger!! and 40% Apple
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 115kj/28kcal

Celery (Pale Green): Celery - Dash of Lemon
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 68kj/16kcal

Energise (Green): Apple – Cucumber – Kale – Spinach – Parsley – Coriander
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 128kj/32kcal

Alkalise (Light green): Cucumber - Celery - Spinach - Kale - Parsley - Ginger - Lemon
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 110kj/26kcal

Glow (Red): Beetroot – Carrot – Cucumber – Lemon
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 116kj/27kcal

Royal Flush Liver 30ml Shot: Beetroot – Grapefruit – Aloe Vera – Milk Thistle Complex
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 108kj/25kcal

Recommended order of play:
Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to cleanse. If you feel you need to supplement your chosen cleanse with light meals, go for it. Do what feels right for your body and enjoy. Please note this is just a timeline guide and does not need to be followed precisely and can also be customised to suit your lifestyle. 

9am (ish): Celery Juice
Celery is low calorie, low in sugar and super hydrating; making it the perfect way to start your day! Celery juice contains electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, which makes it great for hydration, and also vitamins A, K and C. Research suggests that Celery juice can help to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and fight against oxidative stress.
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 69kj/15kcal

I Am Well Tonic: Ginger – Turmeric – Lemon - Chaga Mushroom – Black Pepper. 10 servings per 100ml bottle—simply add a capful to warm kettle water.
Our I am well tonic is cold pressed ginger, turmeric and lemon, infused with chaga mushroom tincture and a sprinkling of black pepper. The piperine in black pepper makes the anti-inflammatory compounds in the turmeric TWO THOUSAND times more bio available! How’s that for packing a punch? A serious immune system energiser, mix a tablespoon into a mug of warm water, for a warming, healthy alternative to traditional cold remedies.

10:30am: Glow (Red): Beetroot – Carrot – Cucumber – Lemon. Drink your veg!
Nearly 100% veg, Glow does exactly what it says on the bottle! Betacyanin, which gives beetroot its deep red colour, is re-sponsible for stimulating the liver, the body’s natural detoxification organ and the nitrates in beetroot are helpful for those with high blood pressure. Silica, found in abundance in cucumbers, strengthens connective tissue which benefits your skin, hair and nails. A healthy dose of probiotics to feed your gut flora and help you to glow from the inside out! Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 116kj/27kcal

1pm: Alkalise: Cucumber—Celery—Spinach—Parsley—Ginger—Lemon ALL VEG (and a tiny bit of lemon).
This supergreen juice is packed with Iron, folate and vitamin K and 4.5g of protein. Drinking a juice like this daily is such a great way to get an additional boost of important vitamins, nutrients and minerals in your diet. We can’t wait to hear what you think! If you’re a green fiend like me - you’re gonna love it!!!
Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 78kj/18kcal

Why not have an I am well tonic again in the afternoon

4pm: Energise (Green): Apple – Cucumber – Kale – Spinach – Parsley – Coriander – Lime - Liquid Chlorophyll
Boost your body’s alkalising power with our green blend – featuring seasonal greens and superfoods. Apple contains pectin, a soluble fibre, which binds to toxins and eliminates them through its gel-like consistency in the intestine. We add nutrient rich leafy-greens and herbs such as coriander, which is a rich source of calcium and the compounds within are powerful chelators, which means it binds to toxic heavy metals present in our system. Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 128kj/32kcal

7pm (ish): Alkalise: Cucumber—Celery—Spinach—Parsley—Ginger—Lemon ALL VEG (and a tiny bit of lemon).
This supergreen juice is packed with Iron, folate and vitamin K and 4.5g of protein. Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 78kj/18kcal

Bed time: Yogi Tea Organic Bedtime Teabag

During the Cleanse….
Once you’ve begun, there are a number of things to consider in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your cleanse.

  • Try to drink one juice every 2-3 hours
  • Consume a minimum of eight glasses of water. Can’t stress this enough—stay hydrated.
  • Consider toning down your typical high intensity aerobic workout routine—however you can exercise and will no doubt have more energy.
  • We recommend yoga, Pilates or other lighter cardio.
  • Be sure to get plenty of rest and consider going to a sauna. They’re great for relaxation and sweating out toxins.
  • Some may experience trouble with eliminating the toxins. We recommend using an herbal laxative or colonics to help with this issue.

We truly hope that everyone will experience an effortless and comfortable cleanse, however we understand that is not always the case. Some supplements you can consider include herbal tea, lemon water or also just adding another juice to the line-up. If you are still having trouble combating the hunger, try having some vegetable broth or apple and cucumber slices. (Call it a little SOS and ensure you listen to your body) The goal is to stay healthy, so always keep that in consideration when supplementing your cleanse.

We are happy to answer any questions so please do get in touch: or 0161 804 1570. Good luck and enjoy! :)


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Please note at present juices/smoothies will be sent in RPET plastic bottles to ensure they don't break during transit. Please start the cleanse the day it arrives (applicable for 3 day cleanses), as the juices are completely fresh and made to order the day before they are dispatched, the fresh juice, smoothies, shots & tonics have a 3 day shelf life and need to be refrigerated ASAP.