Zero Gravity Float Spa - Altrincham - The Garden Eatery

Zero Gravity Float Spa - Altrincham

Allow all of your tension to just float away...

Floatation therapy is a unique method of achieving both deep mental relaxation and physical recovery.

You float inside a large tank, the water is body temperature so can’t feel it and it has a high salt concentration which means you will float effortlessly on the surface.

Light and sound are also removed (although this is optional) which puts you in a sensory deprivation environment.

This reduction in sensory input helps your brainwaves to slow down and allows for deep relaxation to occur. Many describe is as like floating through outer space.

The most common reports are profound peace and relaxation, a feeling of calmness, a reduction of stress, deep concentration and creativity, and freedom from physical tension.

As a customer at The Garden you can get 20% off a float session by typing in "floatgarden20" at the checkout. Visit to book!


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