Why your cleanse should always be organic

Why your cleanse should always be organic

If you're thinking of doing a juice cleanse.... make it an organic one. 

Organic fruits and vegetables offer several potential benefits, both for personal health and the environment. Here are some of the key advantages associated with consuming organic produce and the fruit and veg used in our juices:

  1. Reduce your exposure to pesticides with organic farming

  2. Unlock the nutritional power of organic produce for a healthier you and better tasting juice.

  3. No GMOs: Organic foods are not genetically modified. Choose organic fruits and vegetables for a non-GMO option.

  4. Support sustainable agriculture with organic farming: prioritise soil health, biodiversity, and sustainability. Use crop rotation, cover cropping, and natural pest control. Make farming more environmentally friendly. 

  5. Organic farming has lower environmental impact than conventional farming. It promotes healthy soil, reduces erosion, and minimizes water pollution.

  6. No Synthetic Growth Hormones: Organic produce is grown without synthetic growth hormones, promoting natural growth without chemicals.

  7. Organic produce tastes better and has more natural flavour than conventional produce (IMO)

  8. Organic farming extends to animal products like eggs, dairy, and meat. Animals raised organically have more space to roam, access to the outdoors, and a diet that meets organic standards.

  9. Organic Farms are havens for wildlife. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms and there are around 75% more wild bees.

  10. Choose organic to support local economies and smaller-scale farmers.

  11. Organic animal products are antibiotic and hormone-free.

Despite the challenges, it's important to note that organic farming practices offer numerous benefits. Although it may require more labour and resources, the lower yields compared to conventional methods are outweighed by the nutritional differences and overall value of organic produce.

If you value your health, the environment, or sustainable practices, choosing organic produce may be the right decision for you, we certainly think it is for our cold pressed juices, smoothies, shots & tonics. Consider the impact of pesticides and opt for organic fruits and vegetables where possible, we appreciate it costs more but we certainly think it is worth it.

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