Which Smoothie is for You?

Which Smoothie is for You?

Our colourful smoothies are rich in many key vitamins, minerals and nutrients, one of the most important being fibre. The dietary fibre which is present in our smoothies works to feed the live bacteria in our digestive tract, helping to optimise digestion, along with offering many other mental and physical wellbeing wins.
Our smoothies contain a great balance of all key macronutrients, with more of a chance to leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled until your next meal.

Which one would you pick?

Holy Cacao
Did someone say healthy chocolate smoothie? Yes please!
This Garden fave contains Cacao. Cacao is a natural mood booster, as well as being rich in magnesium which is needed in the body to promote both energy and rest. The chia seeds in the drink offer plant based omega 3 essential fats – working to reduce inflammation and support brain health. The almonds and tahini offer protein, healthy fats and calcium too!
The Holy Cacao also contains Maca – a superfood powder which helps to boost energy and improve libido – winning!

Banana – Almond Mylk – Raw Cacao – Tahini – Maca – Chia Seeds – Vanilla Extract

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert after brunch, or you want to satisfy sweet cravings – make this your go to! Yum!

Purple Rain
This is our most fruity smoothie – great teamed up with any breakfast dish!

The blueberries offer Vitamins C and K, as well as many phytonutrients providing anti-inflammatory, beneficial properties. As well as being rich in antioxidants, there is evidence to suggest purple fruits and vegetables reduce early signs of aging - hurray!! Like all of our smoothies, the Purple Rain is rich in fibre, which helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer and works to support digestive health.

The baobab in the drink works to naturally satisfy sweet cravings – making it a great mid-afternoon snack if you’re after something sweet.  

Banana – Blueberries – Raspberries – Apple – Avocado – Baobab

If you love something fruity and naturally sweet – this could be one for you!

Hey there gym goers…

The strong smoothie does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s rich in plant protein from the combination of hemp, almonds and cashews, making it a great pre or post workout drink. We need protein in our diet, not only for building muscles, but for hormone and cellular health, and to keep our blood sugar levels stable – so this smoothie is a quick and convenient way to boost your intake.
Rich in omega 3 & 6 fats from the nuts, along with the combination of banana and dates offering a great source of energy.

Banana – Hemp protein – Chia Seeds – Cashew Nuts – Almond Butter – Dates – Vanilla Extract

A perfect snack for a busy day.

Green Peace
Drink your greens!

This smoothie is a definite energy booster. It’s rich in magnesium, iron and B vitamins, the key nutrients needed to manage fatigue.
The spirulina offers a complete source of plant protein, as well as working to bind to toxins in the body to promote removal.
The wheatgrass is rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K, and offers anti-inflammatory and immune supporting properties – nutrients galore! 

Apple – Spinach – Kale – Parsley – Cucumber – Avocado – Spirulina – Wheatgrass

If you’re in need of a boost of energy, or want a quick and convenient way to get more greens into your diet – go get it!

Om Love
A personal fave - filled with fibre and flavour.

The turmeric in the drink offers more anti-inflammatory goodness and the ginger can be a great addition to your diet if you’re feeling a little rundown.
Rich in vitamin C, along with the properties of the bromelin enzyme from the pineapple providing more immune supporting benefits!
Offering mono-unsaturated healthy fats from the avocado, and a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre from the other fruits included.

Banana – Pineapple – Avocado – Apple – Lemon – Ginger – Turmeric – Baobab

A lovely, natural boost and wake-up call from the ginger -  great healthy snack or mid morning pick me up! 

Our cold-pressed juices and smoothies are bottled to order just for you! These may be added as a healthy meal replacement or as a detoxifying supplement. Simply add a juice or a number of juices to your cart for national or local delivery, or collection from our café. 

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If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

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