Try soup cleansing for Veganuary

Try soup cleansing for Veganuary

Are you interested in soup cleansing for Veganuary? 

There’s no denying that we tend to gravitate towards a healthier diet in the New Year after indulging ourselves over Christmas. 

But, before you jump on the bandwagon to the latest ‘FAD’, ask yourself: Is this right for me?

Well, everything depends on age, weight, and other lifestyle factors; what works for others, may not work for you. Remember, it’s important to set realistic expectations to avoid unnecessary stress and help you figure out what you can do to improve your health and happiness in an enjoyable way. 

We all like the idea of starting fresh in 2022, whether that means changing jobs, giving yourself a little TLC, signing up to the gym, or in some cases, deciding to switch to a plant-based regime!

What is Veganuary?

In short, Veganuary requires participants to refrain from eating meat or any animal products, including dairy and poultry completely for the whole month of January. However, you are allowed to eat seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes such as peas and beans, rice, bread and pasta. 

Last year, more than 580,000 people signed up in Veganuary’s 2021 campaign and since it’s beginning back in 2014, the number of participants have risen year on year, helping to make veganism more accessible on a global scale with the aim of improving overall health and protecting the environment. 

There are lots of reasons why people may choose to go vegan, ranging from animal welfare, to adding more variety and nutrition into their diet as part of a simple lifestyle change - especially if your drinking and eating habits haven’t been the best. Arguably, one of  the biggest benefits of Veganuary is detoxification. 

It’s the perfect time to cleanse your body of excess toxins, support bodily functions, and promote a better immune system. This is vital during the colder months, as our bodies require essential vitamins and minerals to fight off disease, whilst craving warmth and comfort. 

Your souper hero! 

One way to achieve this is consuming wholesome, vegan soups bursting with flavour to tickle your taste buds and energy boosting properties to kick-start your day. These can be made out of any exciting combination of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, spices, seeds and grains - the choice is yours! 

That’s not all. Soup cleansing aids to reset your body's natural rhythms and give it a rest from digesting protein, carbs, and fats. Soup cleanses are also known to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, which may minimize symptoms associated with bloating and other stomach problems caused by dietary toxins. 

Garden Soup Cleanses 

We love to shout out loud about our diverse range of earth-friendly soup cleanses that you can try this Veganuary!

  • Pea & Spinach
  • Carrot & Butternut
  • Cauliflower & Celery
  • Cabbage & Broccoli

For a 1 to 6 day diet plan, check out our Daily Health and Morning & Lunch packages - ideal to start each morning either on the go or from the comfort of your home/office. Each program is recommended to be enjoyed alongside healthy snacks/meals for a well balanced diet.  

Plus, free local delivery or free national next day pre 10am delivery over £75 available on checkout. 

Visit our shop for more information and let’s harness the power of plants together this Veganuary! 

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