Top 5 reasons to drink I am Well!

Top 5 reasons to drink I am Well!

Our I am Well Hot tonic has been with us from the start! When designing the menu, Garden owners Kate & Amy teamed up with a Naturopathic Nutritionist to create a combination of ingredients in the right quantities to design your favourite Garden drink!

Ginger root
Turmeric root
Black Pepper
Chaga mushroom tincture
Hot water

How it’s made:
All the ingredients are cold pressed in their raw form and the chaga tincture is added at the end. This produces a concentrated juice.

To serve:
We add 1 or 2 capfuls into the bottom of a mug and then top up with hot water and serve with a slice of lemon. 

So, why should we be drinking it?

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Our hot tonic contains turmeric. The beneficial active compound present in turmeric; Curcumin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, and the powerful antioxidant could work to support the healthy functioning of our immune system along with contributing to good joint health! When we have a build-up, or chronic inflammation it can become problematic; with the potential to lead to disease and illness, therefore prioritising anti-inflammatory foods and lifestyle choices can be hugely beneficial. Teaming up black pepper with turmeric also makes the anti-inflammatory compounds in the turmeric more bio available, supporting absorption in the gut!

  1. Vitamin C

The lemon in the drink is rich in Vitamin C – great for immune health so perfect for this time of year when we tend to get a little more rundown! Vitamin C also works to support skin health, offering that winter glow!

  1. Anti-nausea

Along with anti-inflammatory properties, the ginger in the drink can help to relieve feelings of nausea, so great if you’re feeling under the weather. Ginger often provides a bit of a ‘wake up’ energy boost too, so a perfect mid-morning / mid-afternoon pick me up!

  1. Super shrooms!

The Chaga Mushroom tincture offers benefits too! Chaga mushroom are fungi which grow on birch trees in colder climates across the northern hemisphere. They contain antioxidants which may contribute to helping lower oxidative stress! All mushrooms contain beta glucans, which are types of fibre found in the cells of certain foods, including fungi, which could help to fight inflammation and support the immune system.

  1. 'Natural Lemsip'

Our I am well tonic is a super healthy replacement for your morning tea or coffee and offers an alternative to caffeinated drinks throughout the day. Coffee and tea, although delicious, can cause spikes of anxiety and irritability for some, so I am Well is a great alternative if this is the case for you! It compliments pretty much every meal, unlike caffeine which can inhibit absorption of certain minerals when consumed together.  It’s a winning go to after midday too, when caffeine can start to affect your sleep.

Enjoy it daily for marginal gains for your immune system and get stocked up and double dose if you feel a cold coming on. It is often likened to Lemsip in its appearance, and we like to think of it as the natural equivalent (with no paracetamol!).

So, with anti- inflammatory properties from the turmeric, ginger which is a popular remedy for sickness and immune supportive vitamin C from the lemon, this drink offers a definite pick me up if you’re beginning to feel run down.

You can purchase in the cafe as a takeaway drink, or 100ml tonic to dilute with hot water at home (there’s around 10 servings in there depending on how strong you like it). You can also purchase online here. 

Be sure to let us know what you think!  

Holistic Health Coach, Anna Whyte

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