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Tiny Changes

The difficulty is my ego can have (not always) a problem with it. It’s so far away from the part of me I would have owned in the corporate world. The part of me that’s always been conditioned to value logic, reason, evidence, hard work over the intuition, the magic, the connectedness, the act of surrendering.

Once a year I like to think about things I have learnt and things that have helped me. I hope the reflections will inspire you, serve you and guide you as we take some time to reflect on the recent end of the last decade.

Every December in between Christmas and New Year I pull together a vision board for the year ahead. It started around 3 years ago and it is something that brings me great joy, as well as being a source of amazement as I sit back and reflect at what has come to fruition the following year. The board I made in December 2018 has four words that have stuck out to me… “tiny changes, big rewards.”

Amongst these words I also have other such powerful words pinned on my board such as growth, gratitude and consistency. So why is it that these four words stand out to me so much and why do I feel compelled to share them with you?

I used to believe that changing my life or having great success came from a big defining moment or one big thing that you did that had huge ripple effects.

Now I see it differently, I realise that big changes and great success come from making small changes every single day. That when you take accountability for your small actions they lead to rewards of great magnitude. Both within your inner and external world.

For me this year has been about committing to tiny changes and I have really seen the big rewards. In fact if you had told me in January 2019 where I would be now and the opportunities I would have had by December 2019 I would have thought it too good to be true. So today I want to share what these tiny changes have been. Feel free to pick your favourite or to think about the collective ‘tiny’ changes that you can make.

🌟 I’ve consistently made tiny tweaks to the way I speak. In fact you will notice that I often stop halfway through a sentence and reframe it to reflect what I actually DO what to happen. Example: I am worried about not filling my program to I am really excited to fill my program with the most wonderful people. This works because your subconscious has no filter, it is constantly absorbing everything you say as true and making it your reality. Taking out words like never and always [in negative contexts] will make huge changes to your life

🌟 I have made tiny changes with doing things that feel out of my comfort zone. It can be small like speaking up when I would usually stay quiet or saying yes to a podcast interview when I was supposed to get the train home. It was the meeting I chose to take with my financial advisor and a new bank manager [despite being worried about getting judged] that seemed tiny at first [and easy to brush off] but have helped me feel supported and focused

🌟 Reading only 3-4 pages a night of a personal growth book. I’ve done this pretty much every night and it means that I’ve managed to read another plethora of books that help me to serve my clients better and has expanded my knowledge to another level. Plus my subconscious is programmed as I go to sleep with empowering messages.

🌟 I make tiny changes everyday to the environment choose. Cutting out reading terrifying news and choosing prayer and giving instead. Walking away from conversations that are unhealthy. Choosing wisely who I spend time with and learning to say no to the small things and people that no longer serve me.

🌟 The way I celebrate things. I spend 2-3 minutes on gratitude every day and morning. Not a huge amount but enough to get a real momentum over the year. Plus I always wake up saying "Happy am I, healthy am I and Holy am I.” It seems a tiny thing to do but these small changes set me up for the day I want to attract

🌟 The way I commit to feeling good. Everyday I have tried to make small changes to the way I think about things. I constantly ask myself … in this moment how could I see this differently or reframe this differently so that I can feel better? So that I can feel empowered? So that I can see this through love and not fear?

🌟 I have made small changes everyday to they way I choose to align and get into trust and flow. This has been through a tiny prayer that I say on a daily basis to the universe asking me to come out of a place of control and into trust. It takes two minutes but it works.

🌟 I’ve made tiny changes to the things I eat and the way I exercise. Walking the kids to school nearly everyday. Cutting back on sugar. Choosing meditation each morning rather than rushing about.. This is far from perfect but I’ve made noticeable improvements and I am proud of that

🌟 I’ve made changes to the way I show up. I set myself tiny challenges to do something scary everyday...

🌟 Making a commitment to trying to have a handful of present moments each day. The more I have done this the more I have noticed I can feel alive and aware in the present moment.

So for those of you who are keen to embark on 2020 with the magic that is available to all of us I want you to ask yourself this:-

✨ What small changes can you make on a daily basis in the following areas? Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually?

✨ What word, feeling or theme do you want to have as your mantra for 2020?

✨ What do you want to leave behind in 2019 that no longer serves you?

✨ What do you want to stop, start and continue doing in 2020?

✨ What is going to be your biggest dream realised in 2020?

✨ What big rewards are you keen to see and what small changes can you make to get yourself there in 2020?

Please know that however far those changes you seek feel in the future, that by making the choice to commit to tiny changes each and every day, you are so much further along than you think

Caroline x

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline is an intutive and transformational coach and an expert in helping people fulfil their potential - whether that is at a soul level or developing the tools they need to transition through mindset blocks to become a successful business founder. Alongside a background of 14 years in a global consultancy Caroline also have an incredible strong intuition for helping people & an ability to be able to feel what they feel. Caroline is able to get an extremely strong gut feel on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present her with and understand the true essence of them. This clairsentient gift means she is able to get truly transformational changes in people's lives. Caroline is a mother to two small children, successful business owner, runs numerous business & life changing programs, is a speaker and has been published in The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Stylist and featured on numerous podcasts.

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