Talk of diets freaking you out?

Talk of diets freaking you out?

Diet culture seems to be rife at the moment (blame Kim K 🍅🙄). @wellnesswithannawhyte gives us a low down on why diets don’t work and the importance of listening our bodies individual needs👇🏻

Generally, restrictive diets have a start and end date. Typically, we say things like ‘I’ll start again on Monday’, we avoid certain foods / food groups and can potentially miss out on key nutrients that our bodies need. The diet ends when we realise that this way of living is not sustainable.

There is no end date to a healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy a variety of foods all year round with no guilt or punishment.

Feel content in the knowledge that by balancing your plate with nutritious foods most of the time, you will feel good, compared to if you were to consistently eat highly processed fast food. However, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy these foods occasionally, as it’s a lot of fun!

Learning to listen to our body and honour what it needs each day can be difficult, especially when we are surrounded by social media and society pressures of what we ‘should’ be eating.

But remember, our dietary needs are so individual and will change daily depending on activity levels, hormones and other lifestyle factors - what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Prioritising our wellbeing comes with acknowledging what it is that we need in the present moment and giving ourselves permission to go with it. ♥️
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