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Spotlight on Blue Majik!


Blue Spirulina (Blue Majik) is also known as Phycocyanin. It is a blue pigment derived from the Spirulina algae. Spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on earth. The superfood was harvested from Lake Texcoco in Mexico and was used often in Chad, Africa as it grows naturally and regularly in the pure salt water lakes of the region.


Blue spirulina is a unique, powerful antioxidant which provides many health benefits. As well as its anti inflammatory properties, spirulina contains the highest amount of protein per gram than any other plant, more than double that of a steak (!) meaning it works as a great plant based protein booster! The good news about blue spirulina is that it does not have the slightly fishy taste of the green. It is highly digestible and rich in vitamins and minerals that may help to protect our cells from damage. These are just some of the reasons spirulina has always been a must have on our menu here at The Garden. We add spirulina to our Supergreen Omelette, providing extra protein and additional health benefits to the already nutritious dish. You will also find the superfood in our Green Peace smoothie, an extra dose of green goodness in this delicious drink. Blue Spirulina is used to create our Misty Blue Latte and Blue Bowl making these dishes just as aesthetically pleasing as they are nutritious!


So what if you want to use it at home?
It is great being able to get your blue spirulina fix here at the Garden, however, below are some simple ways you could use it at home, in your own kitchen for an easy addition of extra nutrients.

1. Put it in a smoothie
By adding 1tsp of the blue stuff to your smoothie mix, you will up the protein content of your drink, as well as reap the nutritional superfood benefits.
2. Stir it into your scrambled eggs
Jazz up your scrambled eggs and increase the omega 3 by adding ½ tsp of spirulina to the pan whilst cooking.
3. Pop it in your porridge
Having a breakfast rich in protein prevents you from reaching for that mid morning sugar fix. Mix 1tsp of spirulina with your oats to create a well balanced, colourful breakfast bowl.
4. Add it to a protein ball
If you make your own protein balls at home, spirulina would be the perfect addition. Protein galore!


With the rise of interest in recent years around all things health and wellness, superfoods are much more easily accessible these days, but where is best to shop for the good quality stuff?!

Blue spirulina is harder to come by than regular spirulina and is more expensive too! Unfortunately - the higher the price then, generally, the better the quality. To ensure you are getting the best quality product, check the label and make sure the ingredients are 100% spirulina with no added preservatives or artificial colourings. Here at The Garden we find some of our favourite superfoods online. We can vouch for RAW LIVING - they are such a great brand and one that you can trust for all your high quality superfood essentials. We also like Buy Wholefoods Online who have some great quality superfood options and you can benefit from bulk discounts! Not that we want to endorse them but a good old search on Amazon is always worth a try too. Have a scroll, compare prices and check out what comes with a genuine recommendation.

Packed with protein, B12 and a natural energy booster; the spirulina health benefits are endless! Keep your eyes peeled in The Garden for our new and exciting ‘Blue Mylk’ which will be appearing in our fridge very soon! What a way to perk you up when you’re feeling blue…..! Tune in to July's Spotlight on Superfoods looking at the benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms.


As a holistic Health Coach, Anna can support you to feel your best and help to guide you through the diet and lifestyle changes you would like to make. You will work together to create a unique wellness programme which is personalised to your individual needs and area of desired focus.

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