Pumpkin Spiced Protein Balls

Pumpkin Spiced Protein Balls

Rather than waste your post Halloween pumpkin, make the most of what remains with these protein rich balls of goodness! This balanced recipe is filled with autumnal flavours, and the combination of nutrients will work to satisfy that mid afternoon energy slump too! Find the 'how to' below!

(Makes 16)

1/2 Small Pumpkin
12 Dates
2 Cups of Oats 
2 Cups of Pecans 
1/2 Cup Protein Powder (I used Pea Protein) 
1tsp Turmeric
1tsp Cinnamon
1tsp Nutmeg
1tsp Ground Ginger
Pumpkin seeds and desiccated coconut to top 

Chop the de-seeded pumpkin in half, drizzle in olive oil and bake in the oven on 180c for 30 minutes until soft. 
Meanwhile, blend the oats and nuts until they reach ground consistency before adding the protein powder and spices and blending again until well combined!
De-stone and then soak your dates in boiling water for a few minutes, before draining and adding to the blender. 
Once the pumpkin is cooked, leave to cool and then scoop out the soft inside and add to the blender with the dates and dry ingredients. Blend well - you may need to take the lid off the blender and stir so that mixture is well combined. Once thick but smooth, remove the mixture from the blender and place on a chopping board / plate. Roll the mixture into bite sized balls before topping with coconut and pumpkin seeds! Store in the fridge in an airtight container and eat within 5 days. Yum!

Halloween just turned healthy!

Recipe by Wellness with Anna Whyte
The ‘Wellness with Anna’ philosophy focuses on taking a more balanced and holistic approach to health. Often, the tools needed to make a lasting change are already in your toolbox. I offer client led guidance in order to support the progress of an individual working to meet their personal wellness goals. I will not diagnose, treat or take responsibility for bringing about wellness change, but direct, listen and support development. We work together on a journey to make health a main priority, both physically and mentally.


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