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Life after Lockdown

After three unpredictable months, some of us may be tip toeing closer to what once was normality. For some this will be a time of celebration and relief, however it may cause feelings of fear and anxiety for others. How you approach your ‘life after lockdown’ will be completely individual depending on your recent and ongoing circumstances.
Before we face what’s next, it’s worth taking a moment and checking in.

- What do you want from your post lockdown life?
- Are there elements of your lifestyle that you would like to change?

Time to reflect

There is no denying that these past few months have been stressful, a very difficult time for many, and it’s important not to overlook this, now and going forward.
Whilst some have been out on the front line, busier than ever, others have been faced with more time.

- Time to do the things that make them feel good.
- Time to pause and re-evaluate their lives, considering what is truly important to them as individuals.
- Time to reflect and rest.
When we allow ourselves this time, we have the space to reconnect with our body and mind, listening to our daily needs and living intuitively with them, rather than continuing on autopilot no matter how tired/ stressed we are.

Once things get back to our own versions of ‘normal’, of course we will pick up the pace again, however, before doing so it’s important to remember, you are in control of the choices you make.
Working to maintain some of the healthy habits potentially established during this time, or trying to set up some new, could not only help you to feel well equipped to deal with what’s next, but support you toward a healthier, happier and more mindful future.

Make the time

Slow down whilst speeding up

Think about some of those pre-lockdown day to day situations that would bring you stress; whether it be too many social events, long working hours or juggling an extra long to do list.
Lots of these stressful situations are created from busyness. So how do we move back into normality but become ‘un-busy?’

Prioritise! Think about what is urgent and what can wait. Feel content in the knowledge that everything cannot be done in one day.

Typical 21st century lifestyle has made boredom extinct. With so many things to juggle we put rest to the end of our to do list; a reward for getting all of our jobs done. But the truth is, there is no end, there will always be jobs to do. Once you can accept and sit comfortably with this, your body will gradually slow down, no longer living in high alert, but more able to switch off and more able to truly rest.
Rest isn’t a reward – it’s a necessity when working toward a healthy balanced lifestyle. Try stepping into normality, making relaxation a priority.

Take control of your time

As the thought of a full diary looms, consider how you would like to spend your spare time.
Reflect on the things you have enjoyed in the last few months; those basic acts of self care that you just couldn’t fit in to your pre-lockdown life. Make these things a priority going forward.

Time well spent?

Many are reflecting on 2020 to date as a wake up call; an opportunity to make a change.
Rather than continuing on autopilot, relentlessly tackling the busyness 21st century lifestyle brings, try choosing to move forward at a slower pace; acknowledging stress and allowing more time to relax and be mindfully present.

Celebratory language surrounds coming days when restrictions will begin to ease.  Whilst some hope to bring back the ‘bustle’, it’s also important to remember what the ‘bustle’ brings.

The ‘hustle and bustle’ of fast paced life can contribute to a high stress society.
A high stress society could contribute to mental and physical health concerns; with less time to speak to loved ones and prioritise the things that support to our overall well-being.

What’s the rush?

Returning to life as we know it doesn’t mean we need to step back on that pre-lockdown treadmill nor does it mean we need to say goodbye to the things that make us feel good. Whether it be maintaining healthy routines or re-establishing boundaries, be gentle with yourself and take each day as it comes. Work to ‘start again’ at your own pace, without pressure or comparison.


Holistic Health Coach - Anna Whyte 

About Anna:

'The 'Wellness with Anna' philosophy focuses on taking a more balanced and holistic approach to health, providing clients with the tools they need to make sustainable changes and the motivation to start their new health journey.

We discuss how you can eat real, nourishing food, exercise mindfully and prioritise time to relax. What I provide isn't a diet; it's a holistic approach to a healthier life.' 

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