Juice, Juice, Juice!

Juice, Juice, Juice!

We are beyond thrilled to have been named by the Evening Standard as one of the best Juice Cleanses to try in 2022!

Picking up one of our Garden juices or smoothies is a really easy way to ensure you’re getting a great dose of vitamins and nutrients into your body, especially if you feel like you’re lacking the motivation, time or creativity to prioritise healthy choices. With so much to juggle, it can feel like a relief knowing you’re getting some quality nutrition from one of our colourful bottles!
Our cleanses are a great way to help kick-start healthy habits, access a range of vitamins and nutrients, and support the healthy functioning of our immune system. Post cleanse reflections from juice cleanse regulars often suggest our cleanses to be a great way to enliven a more mindful eating mindset.

Katie Bell from the Evening Standard team gave our Signature Juice Cleanse a try and here’s what she had to say.

‘The day The Garden Eatery’s Signature Juice Cleanse entered my home in a cardboard box was the day I lost my juice cleanse virginity. Previous failed attempts at detox-ing told me the journey would be tough, but I knew it would be worth it. My goal was to come out the other side free from toxins and feeling sexy. I was ready for the challenge. I’d enjoyed one too many double cheeseburgers that week and my body was screaming for vitamins. I opened the box with trepidation and excitement, my fingers tingling with anticipation - or maybe just scurvy.

Today’s menu was inside seven glass bottles, bottled up in cold-pressed liquid form. The colours of nature’s rainbow glistened under the condensation. Just looking at them was enough to feel healthier. The Garden Eatery included a card with all the information needed for a day of pretending to be Gwyneth Paltrow and I couldn’t wait to crack open the first order of the day.
Caffeine isn’t recommended when detoxing so the Apple and Ginger shot took the place of a morning coffee. The fiery little devil coursed through my oesophagus in a true baptism of fire and left me feeling awake and energised. Next came the Alkalise, a cucumber and celery concoction that tasted mainly of celery. It was slightly difficult to stomach but I willed the spirit of Paltrow as I forced the last sip. The rest of the cleanse went by in a haze of unscrewing bottles and glugging away at intermittent times. I informed every WhatApp group I was a member of about the important news: “I’m juice cleansing today”, was the answer to the question no one asked.

The Garden Eatery recommends that you drink as much water as possible during the cleanse. This proved to be the biggest challenge of the experience for the simple reason that drinking all that liquid health had me running for the loo every two minutes. But the remaining juices were delicious. Particularly the ‘I Am Well Tonic’, a tiny bottle of ginger, lemon, chaga mushroom and black pepper that I was told to drink in between juices by mixing a small amount with warm water. As well as being the perfect beverage for cold and wintery afternoons, it tricked me out of feeling any uncomfortable hunger pangs. ‘I am well’ I agreed - smugness and health swelling bigger inside me with every bottle completed.

Throughout the day I alternated between feeling energised and urgently desperate to pee. The toilet breaks were so frequent it became slightly uncomfortable, but at least I was at home and within safe running distance of a place to relieve myself. By the end of the cleanse I did feel slightly weak, but the emptiness felt good - I felt holy, I mean healthy.
I imagined waking up in the morning, skipping out of bed and effortlessly landing into a downward dog. As I fell asleep, accomplishment warmed my belly like a steaming bowl of ramen. But the most interesting takeaway of the experience became clear the next day. After waking up I immediately pictured baked beans, hash browns and thickly buttered white toast followed by an Egg McMuffin. Images of white, processed breakfast options flitted through my brain like mirages of oases in the desert. But strangely - when the time came to eat solid food for the first time in 36 hours - all I wanted was a banana.

The Garden Eatery suggests cleansing as a way to kickstart healthy eating plans. A cleanse clears out the toxins in your body, giving your system a break and a blank slate to start afresh with new habits. I wasn’t planning on kickstarting a healthier diet, but it sort of happened. Was I free from the convenient shackles of fast food? Was my MSG addled brain cured of an addiction I didn’t know I had?

I spent the rest of the day feeling supremely virtuous. So yes, a juice cleanse can change your life. At the very least, it encouraged me to make healthier choices for a day or two after. The Garden Eatery have also created a cleanse that ticks all the boxes of what a cleanse should be, while successfully making a punishing experience genuinely quite pleasant with their curated selection of delicious cold-pressed brews. A one day cleanse also costs less than £40, so achieving Gwyneth Paltrow status is cheaper than what Goop.com might have had you believing. I highly recommend taking the journey, it made me feel detoxed and cleansed and it’s surprisingly easy too.’ - Katie Bell

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