Juice cleansing for glowing winter skin

Juice cleansing for glowing winter skin

When the harsh winter months hit, many people take their skincare routine to the next level to combat the dehydrating effects of the cold weather. While the shelves are flooded with moisturisers, serums, hydrating masks and sunscreens, have you ever thought about juice cleansing for glowing winter skin? 

Juice cleanses aren't just for springtime; there are many benefits of these nutritious drinks for healthy skin all year long! To learn more about juice cleansing and how it can benefit you, keep reading! 

How does winter affect our skin?

Winter can be tough on our skin for several reasons. First, low humidity levels result in dry air that draws natural moisture away from skin, leading to red, itchy patches and a raw, rough complexion. Indoor heating doesn’t help matters either, as this can cause further dehydration and even chapped or cracked skin. 

What is juice cleansing? 

Juice cleansing is a diet that involves drinking only juice from fresh, cold pressed fruits and vegetables for a certain period of time. The goal is to give your digestive system a break by ridding it entirely of toxins we consume on a daily basis. In addition to helping with digestion, juice cleanses have been known to help improve energy, reduce bloating, and aid in weight loss. 

The benefits of juice cleansing for glowing winter skin

Aside from promoting internal health, juice cleanses have benefits for your skin as well. 

Boosts hydration levels 

Did you know that up to 60% of our bodies are made of water? Regularly drinking fluids that are high in water content, such as cold pressed cucumber, celery, pineapple and apple juices help to boost hydration in the skin to keep it moisturized, healthy and glowing. It is also beneficial for organ function, cognitive ability, and raising energy levels. 

Keeps skin looking young and beautiful

Glowing winter skin is no longer a dream thanks to juice cleansing. These bottles of earthy goodness contain lots of healthy vitamins (A, B, C & D) and minerals that nourish cells from within; revitalizing them so they stay strong and firm. 

It also nourishes dermal collagen, which is the main structural protein in your skin and essential for keeping skin looking youthful. By strengthening cells this reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too. 

Increase nutrient intake 

Because juice cleanses increase nutrient intake, it also aids in overall skin elasticity and tone. This is especially important in winter because the cold weather has a drying effect on skin, leaving it worn and weathered as a result. In short, juicing is a convenient way of absorbing vitamins, minerals, and other plant chemicals (phytonutrients) that you may not be getting enough of. 

Removes dead skin cells

Juice cleansing tightens pores by removing dead cells on the surface of the skin which can prevent new ones from forming. The juice's enzymes work together to break down dead cells and speed up exfoliation, eliminating synthetic chemicals, pollutants and reducing the impact of free radicals on your skin.

Detoxifies your liver & improves blood circulation 

Your liver works hard in cold seasons, so juice cleansing is ideal for flushing out all the extra stress your body puts on your liver by giving it a break. Juice cleanses even aid in maintaining a healthy heart by strengthening the walls of blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen around the body. A strong circulatory system ensures good health for skin because it brings cellular nutrients to skin cells more efficiently.

So there you have it, there are many wonderful benefits of juice cleansing for glowing winter skin! Here at The Garden Eatery, we offer a wide range of delicious cold pressed juices for customers across the UK with FREE next day delivery - no matter what time of the year! 

Simply choose your detox programme or individual juices from our shop, and start your journey towards soft, smooth skin this winter with us.
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