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Inner Witch

I believe we all have an inner witch. Something inside us that knows we are capable of creating magic, of connecting to something bigger than us, of alchemising, of sisterhood. 

The difficulty is my ego can have (not always) a problem with it. It’s so far away from the part of me I would have owned in the corporate world. The part of me that’s always been conditioned to value logic, reason, evidence, hard work over the intuition, the magic, the connectedness, the act of surrendering.

But why do these things have to be mutually exclusive? My clients all know I am a witch, and by that term I mean that I have an ability to create magic in my life & in the lives of others. I can channel, heal, connect with spirit & my recent retreat saw me doing healing & spiritual work that blew all our minds. I can get people so quickly back into alignment with my words & energy that they can manifest things almost immediately.  

That said I am also immensely practical and logical. The daughter of a chemist. I like the evidence, the science behind it all, I like to take my inner guidance and feeling and use my ability to be strategic and rational to drive it forwards. I like problem solving, creativity & to give practical advice. 

I write this because I see people battling between the two sides of them. Disowning a side of them because they think you can’t have both. Whether you are male or female you can embrace the duality of your soul and your ego, your intuition with the strategy, the magic with the science, the divine with the human, the fear with the love. You can own and use both sides of you, a blend of what makes us whole and where herein the magic lies.

If you want to learn about how to do this I have three amazing programs for you at the moment, head over to to learn more.

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline is an intutive and transformational coach and an expert in helping people fulfil their potential - whether that is at a soul level or developing the tools they need to transition through mindset blocks to become a successful business founder. Alongside a background of 14 years in a global consultancy Caroline also have an incredible strong intuition for helping people & an ability to be able to feel what they feel. Caroline is able to get an extremely strong gut feel on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present her with and understand the true essence of them. This clairsentient gift means she is able to get truly transformational changes in people's lives. Caroline is a mother to two small children, successful business owner, runs numerous business & life changing programs, is a speaker and has been published in The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Stylist and featured on numerous podcasts.

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