How Dry January works wonders for your health

How Dry January works wonders for your health

Why not step away from the barbell and explore a new way to keep fit this month? Say…Dry January? 

The social side of going out drinking can be a lot of fun, but for many people it's become less about catching up with their mates, and more about how long they can hang before heading home. 

The fact that you're probably spending months’ worth of wages in one night makes it even worse! Even if your decision-making skills remain intact after a big night on the sauce, indulging too much can have negative effects on your fitness goals. 

Dry January is an opportunity to cut out the booze and see what life is like without it – you just might enjoy it! The following benefits will show you how Dry January works wonders for your health. 

1) Boosted energy levels

You may find that after your first night out on the town, you're always tired and sluggish during the day. The toxic metabolites of ethanol (Acetaldehyde) in alcoholic drinks affect your body's ability to function properly. As a depressant, it also alters your mood and increases levels of anxiety if used as a coping strategy. 

By ditching the bottle (or glass) you’ll find that you’re able to think clearer and feel instantly lifted in giving your mind and body a chance to detox itself. Who doesn’t feel happier when you avoid the nauseous effects of a hangover? 

2) Better sleep

Booze can mess up sleep patterns by disrupting people's circadian rhythms - a process that controls your body's internal clock. The ritual of drinking alcohol can also make people take less care over other parts of their life, such as their eating habits and whether or not they get enough exercise. 

The result is a vicious cycle: the more you drink, the worse your sleep becomes and vice versa – it's time to break out of that cycle! Dry January helps people feel rested, revitalised and ready for all kinds of new experiences. 

3) Clearer skin

It’s a fact that alcohol has a dehydrating effect on us, to the point we are gasping for water by the end of the night. This prompts delirium, dizziness and dry skin. Further research shows that alcohol can cause oily skin and acne by increasing the production of hormones such as cortisol and estrogen - breakout alert! 

For quicker results to protect your skin, why not try more natural alternatives like a glass of fresh juice? Made from organic fruits and vegetables, these are rich in antioxidants capable of improving your complexion.  

4) Reset your tolerance

If you're anything like us, after a big night you wake up feeling terrible. A hangover isn't just uncomfortable - it's also evidence that your liver is working double time trying to deal with all that excess alcohol. Subsequently this causes inflammation of the gut which can lead to nausea, headaches and other flu-like symptoms. 

The good news is that even though one month without booze probably won't be enough to fix any permanent underlying damage, it will give you the chance to reconsider your relationship with your favourite drink, viewing it as a treat rather than a daily indulgence which will allow you put more time and effort into more useful things. 

5) Getting fit

Dry January is the perfect time to work on your fitness goals. It’s a step in the right direction towards consuming less calories from excess sugars and carbohydrates when under the influence, improving your metabolism rate and sticking to a healthier diet. No doubt you’ll be in much better shape once the month is up. 

100% Fruit, 0% Alcohol 

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