Do we need a New Year detox?

Do we need a New Year detox?

There are plenty of New Year diets, detoxes and plans circulating at this time of year – it can end up feeling overwhelming.

Of course, it’s understandable to have a more relaxed approach to our diet and lifestyle choices over Christmas – it’s all part of the festive fun. And setting some healthy intentions / goals for the New Year absolutely isn’t a bad thing either. It’s a great way to kick start healthy habits and invest some time in our health. So, should a detox be part of this?  

Detoxification is the process of transforming toxins into water-soluble compounds that can be eliminated in the urine or bile.
Our liver naturally detoxifies substances within our body. It works efficiently to process and remove excess toxins we may have consumed through food, drinks and in our environment.

That said, like every organ in our body, when it’s put under too much pressure, it’s healthy functioning can decrease.
So, just because our liver’s role is to support us, it doesn’t mean we should bombard it - that of course, will cause it some stress.

Ensuring efficient detoxification and elimination, and where possible, reducing toxic load will help to support our liver’s healthy function.
That means prioritising gut health to promote healthy elimination, as well as mindful consumption of the below:

  • Excess pesticides
  • Excess ultra-processed foods / food additives
  • Excessive caffeine and alcohol
  • Industrial chemicals in our environment (can unfortunately be out of our control)
  • Excessive use of plastics

These things in mass proportions can put strain on our liver’s ability to detox.

So, to support detoxification it’s great to prioritise:

  • Organic food – minimal pesticides
  • Non-plastic packaging
  • Air purifiers in polluted areas
  • A good quality water filter
  • Natural beauty products and cosmetics where possible
  • Limiting excess alcohol and smoking

Fibre is a win win when it comes to detoxification and elimination. It helps to cling to toxins in our digestive tract and aid removal, providing the gut and the liver with some support.
Antioxidant rich foods are also key – they can help to reduce toxicity in the body. Antioxidants are found in colourful fruits and vegetables.
Cruciferous veg, including broccoli and cauliflower, help to clear detoxification pathways, promoting elimination – so great to include in our diet often.

Here at The Garden, we offer non-plastic packaging, bottled filtered water and a seasonal salad bar rich in antioxidants and cruciferous veggies to support the detoxification process. Our smoothies are rich in fibre and packed with colourful plant sources to support the gut and liver function at their best.

We also offer the option to have soups and juices / smoothies delivered to your door! In addition to a healthy diet, these can be a great way to boost nutrition, increase fibre and guarantee a healthy meal / snack on a busy day; helping to avoid convenience food which can often be highly processed.
Having these soups/ nutrient dense drinks available can help you to immediately break the cycle of reaching for those habitual cravings that your body may have gotten used to over a busy period.

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