Coffee or Energise?

Coffee or Energise?

Need a pick me up?
Which is better - Coffee or Energise juice?

When working to optimise energy levels, like many things health, we often hope for a quick fix; something that we can eat / drink or an action we can make which will leave us feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead.
However, unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ll be aware, that’s not always how it works. More consistent healthy choices, hormones and individual lifestyle factors / routines play a part in our energy long term.
There are however many things in our lifestyle which we can do to support us to feel more energised, motivated and ready to tackle the day ahead, including:

  • Positive sleeping patterns
  • Morning and evening routines
  • An energising, well balanced diet
  • Hydration
  • Regular movement

There are daily additions to our diet which we can include to help us feel more energised and provide an all important pick me up.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is often a go to for many to help with that mid morning slump and to maintain focus.

Here are a couple of things this morning tipple can offer:

  • Antioxidants and polyphenols; beneficial plant compounds key to good health
  • Potential improved concentration and mental performance
  • Increased exercise endurance and performance
  • Movement in the gut – morning brew then head to the loo!

It’s important to mention that coffee doesn’t agree with everyone. As we all know, drinking it too late in the day can impact our sleep and ability to wind down. It can also affect those with anxiety, having the potential to make an individual feel more nervous / irritable and jittery.

Another important point when it comes to coffee and energy levels is to consider what you team it up with! Tannins (the polyphenols found in caffeine) can reduce iron absorption. Iron rich foods help to improve energy levels, so an important addition to the diet, especially when looking for a pick me up. So avoid drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee with meals (especially those rich in iron) to ensure adequate absorption.

Although coffee can absolutely provide a boost, in some cases, it can cause a dip in energy a few hours after consumption, which can impact our motivation and drive. If this is the case for you as an individual, trying matcha could be a good go to – offering a slow release of energy, alongside polyphenols and antioxidants – win win!

Everyone tolerates caffeine differently, so it’s worth considering your relationship with the drink. Our coffee is organic, sustainable and ethically sourced. Alongside the physical benefits - name a better way to satisfy your social and emotional health than a coffee and a chit chat with friends?! Due to the benefits, it’s a yes from us, however always in moderation and before noon.

This juice got its name for a reason! Along with being jam packed with nutrition, the chlorophyll in the juice offers a great dose of magnesium – a mineral which supports energy production. Chlorophyll also binds to unwanted toxins in the body, supporting detoxification along with reducing inflammation. Lower inflammation and adequate elimination can help us feel more energised – job done!   

Containing calcium, vitamin A and B vitamins, the juice has many benefits, but the combination of iron and vitamin C has to come out on top! As mentioned earlier, iron as a mineral is a great energy booster, and consuming vitamin C alongside non haem (plant based) iron will help to aid absorption – so partnering these two up will offer a positive pick me up!

The drink is also super hydrating, which can help to support energy, alongside the combination of fruits and vegetables (particularly green) which will add extra energising properties.  

So, Coffee or Energise?
When it comes to deciding which option is best – I guess like anything it’s worth considering how you feel as an individual before and after consumption. I challenge you to a week of Garden drinks – one day coffee, the next energise. See if you notice a difference!

Who’s thirsty?!

Holistic Health Coach – Anna Whyte

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