Oat and Cacao Flapjacks

Oat and Cacao Flapjacks

This could be one to make with the kids during the school hols! It's easy, healthy and minimal ingredients are needed - most of which you may already have in the back of the fridge / cupboard.

You will need:

220g Oats
2tbsp Cacao Powder
200ml Milk (of choice)
1tbsp Pumpkin Seeds (or nut/seed of choice)
2 Ripe Mashed Bananas
1tbsp Dried Fruit (chopped dates/raisins)
1tsp (heaped) of Peanut Butter/Tahini
1tsp Honey/Maple Syrup
1/2tsp Baking Powder


Add all dry ingredients to a bowl. Mash the bananas and stir in gradually. Chop the dried fruit if necessary and pour into the bowl with the nut butter and maple syrup. Gradually pour over the milk, stirring well. Once mixture is well combined, add to a greased baking tray and bake in the oven for 25 minutes on 180c.

Leave to cool and then slice into portions. Store in an air tight box in the fridge. Enjoy as a snack or as part of a healthy breakfast! Happy baking!

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