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5 ways to be more present this Summer

Have you ever returned home from a holiday feeling like you need a holiday to get over your holiday? Yeah us too. Holidays are rarely used for their intended purpose anymore. These days, our phones have the ability to live out our holiday for us and we get home wondering why we don't feel rested! The funny thing is we all know what we ought to be doing to get a more fulfilled summer break but sometimes it's just good to have someone remind us. Here are 5 ways to get more out of your summer holiday this year:

1. Leave your phone AT HOME

Give your brain a complete break from the digital world. Many of us live our lives (and holidays) through social media and when we do this we pass up on the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the places we visit. If you use your phone to take pictures - invest in a decent camera or if you can't bare the thought of being non-contactable, you can literally get a phone (that's just a phone!) for £15 - click here. Removing technology helps to ground you in your environment and be more present.


2. Start your day with gratitude

Every morning when you wake up take a few moments to sit and enjoy a glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Look to the day ahead - no meetings, nowhere to be, nothing to do and think of how grateful you are to have been able to take this holiday break. Every evening whilst enjoying your nightcap, think about all of your favourite moments from the day. Gratitude is a practice, the more you practise the more your energy and frequency shifts and the more present you will be.

Illustration by Angie and Silas 

3. Go barefoot

The great thing about going on holiday is that footwear is optional. Take full advantage of this, remove your shoes and feel the earth under your feet. Going barefoot is another grounding practice which makes you realise how much we take the simplest of things (like shoes!) for granted. You become so much more mindful of your steps and so much more present to your surroundings. Tread carefully! Picture from This Dreamcatcher blog.

4. Release expectations

There is so much excitement and anticipation in the run up to going on holiday that when things don't always go to plan (flight delays, dodgy accommodation) we can often snowball into a negative mindset before we've even arrived at our destination. Let go of all expectations and surrender to the flow. Your holiday starts the moment you leave your house. See it all as part of the journey and smile through the process.


5. Face your fears

When visiting somewhere new, book something you've never tried before. A few years ago we went to South Africa for a wedding and we launched ourselves into every possible activity, bungee jumping, shark diving - you name it. It was hands down the best trip I've ever been on and that's all down to facing our fears and knowing that we may never have this opportunity again. When you're stood on the edge of that bridge about to fall to certain death - believe me you're not thinking about what's for dinner tonight! 


is co-owner of The Garden and a yoga teacher in Hale and Altrincham. Kate heads up the brand, marketing, events and social media side of the eatery and is the voice behind the newsletters, insta stories and many of the blogs posted on the journal. You may well catch her in The Garden from time to time (man handling her 19 month old twins) but you will most likely catch her at the many inspirational events we host each month.

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