Smoothie: Green Peace

Apple – Alkaline Water – Avocado – Cucumber – Spinach – Parsley – Wheatgrass – Spirulina

330ml & 500ml sizes available

Our silky smooth Green Peace tastes like a walk in a summer meadow and is probably just as mood-boosting to boot! Parsley is rich in flavonoids, which have been shown to act as antioxidants – beneficial in preventing free-radical damage within the body. Avocado gives green peace it’s delicious, creamy consistency and also its fabulous source of essential fatty acids, which cannot be made by our bodies – essential in maintaining healthy joints, hormones and vibrant skin and hair! Spirulina gives Green Peace its superfood status – high in easily assimilated plant-based protein, spirulina is a microalgae which is high in chlorophyll, betacarotenoids and a wealth of micronutrients. Get it in your diet…NOW!

Nutrition: Per 100ml: energy 197kj/47kcal