Tonic: Golden Mylk

Turmeric - Ginger - Maple Syrup - Maca - Pepper

100ml (roughly 6-10 servings), 250ml & 350ml sizes available. 

Our warming turmeric elixir is just divine when warmed through with your favourite plant-based mylk. Perfect as a warming pre-bedtime drink, this anti-inflammatory blend with hormone-balancing maca and a touch of unrefined maple syrup will give you a comforting boost to support your body through its detoxification pathways while you sleep.

Ideal with Rude Health Almond Milk (or milk of your choice). Just add a capful, or however strong you would like it, to warm/hot plant based milk or diary milk. Typical size in total is like a cup of tea/coffee.

 Or you can freeze small ice cube sized portions for later use.