Vegan Raw Cheesecake

Sizes: Small -5in, Medium-7in, Large- 9in
Or new: Individual square portion :)

These cakes don't actually contain cheese but they most likely resemble a cheesecake style dessert that you may be familiar with. It has a biscuity type base and a thick and creamy layer on top. We serve them with superfood sprinkles and fresh fruit in the cafe and lovingly decorate the bespoke cakes for special orders in accordance to their flavour profile.

The raw cheesecakes are decadent, creamy and divinely indulgent. We strive to create classic and also innovative flavours. Garden favourites are Salted Caramel, Chocolate Orange/Cherry, Fruits of the forest, and Blueberry Baobab.

We have a flavour of the day in the cafe and a take away option in the fridge. If you'd like a bespoke cake made for yourself or a special event we can provide a list of flavours we can offer.

Simply add your ingredient and flavour preference in your order notes or get in touch and we can discuss your requirements:


cashews, almonds, dates, coconut oil, maple syrup, himalyan pink salt and vanilla
there would be added ingredients depending on the flavour of cheesecake.

Allergies - nuts